Chicago Visual Studio ALM User Group Meets again on April 25th

by Angela 14. March 2012 11:23

I was fortunate enough this year to be involved with the ALM Chicago 2012 conference back in February, and I heard some great talks, and met some seriously talented people. One of them is Gail Swanson, a U/X designer from SapientNitro.  I got to spend a little time with her between sessions and talked about some of the challenges we have both seen in the industry when it comes to delivering a good user experience, and not just “working code”.  It occurred to me that U/X is a topic we have never really dug into in our ALM user group, and I for one find it to be a bit of a black art.  So I was very excited when it turned out that Gail could speak at our April user group about this very thing.  We will be meeting in the Downers Grove Microsoft office, on Wednesday April 25th.  Click here to RSVP for the event.

Topic: User-Centered Design and Usability Testing for an Effective User Experience

Across all platforms, the differentiator between widely adopted applications and those that are discarded is successfully meeting user needs through a positive experience. User-Centered design techniques provide the tools needed to create that engaging and usable application. Usability testing is needed to find what will trip up your users and stand in the way of your product meeting its goals. Understand how to quickly gather the information you need about the where, when, why, how, and by whom the application will be used as well as the techniques to apply that information to an interface design. If you’ve been wondering what UX is and how you can use it to improve what you make, we’ve got that covered.

BIO:  Gail Swanson, is a User Experience Designer, Speaker, and Blogger from Milwaukee, WI. She is passionate about creating experiences that help people be more productive, informed, delighted, and nice to one another. As an advocate of Agile, Scrum, and she is working to integrate UX into that landscape. Gail works to make UX Design more adaptive and accessible to organizations. The ultimate goal is to happily work together to create things that work for people.

Gail Swanson is Associate Creative Director, Experience Design at SapientNitro. Gail blogs about practicing user experience design in the real world at www.practicallyux.com. Twitter:@practiallyux


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