Have you registered for that conference yet? Er, I mean, thatConference!

by Angela 23. July 2012 07:48

My husband and I actually registered months ago, and I’ve been looking forward to thatConference for years, literally.  Back in 2010 when it was just a twinkle in Clark’s eye, I remember thinking “holy cow Summer 2012 is a long way away!” and yet here we are, just 2.5 weeks away.  But don’t worry, it’s not too late.  There is still plenty of time to register if you haven’t already, and I believe there is still a significantly discounted room block as well so don’t put it off any longer.

Be sure to check out the sessions schedule, there is going to be quite an amazing lineup of speakers and topics across many platforms.  Speakers will be talking about everything from Java to . iOS to MVC and ASP.NET. Considering how much cheaper it is than TechEd, VSLive and most of the other events you’ve probably been wanting to go to for years AND that the content looks to be just as good, how can you afford NOT to go? Besides, I’ve been to PDC and VS Live, none of those conferences are held at awesome water parks, host free game nights for everyone, or include a free poolside pig roast. Seriously, this is going to be RAD!

One more thing, we still need additional sponsorship! If you, your company, or any other organization you know of would be interested in getting involved or getting some excellent exposure to a huge group of the Midwest’s geekiest finest, please consider becoming a sponsortoday.  There are sponsorships at MANY levels and all of them are important to our success.  Our hope is to deliver the best possible experience for our attendees and ensure that thatConference will return in 2013 in an even bigger way!

I am really looking forward to a weekend of geekery in the Wisconsin Dells next month. Hope to see you there Smile



Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) Tip O’ the Day–Filtering test lists

by Angela 3. July 2012 07:41

Now, I am no @ZainNab, the guru of “Tips and Tricks”, but I occasionally run across features that have been staring me in the face for YEARS and yet somehow went completely unappreciated, sometimes unnoticed.  And then one day it hits me and OMG my life is easier, and I want to tell everyone.  Sure, it’s a bit embarrassing to admit sometimes given that I worked at Microsoft for 5.5 years focusing on the Visual Studio tools, but who hasn’t done that?  Not you? Really?  I am skeptical…  There are after all, a bajillion commands to try and remember. For real, if you don’t believe me, look at the entire book that Sara Ford and Zain wrote about it. It’s worth every penny and Amazon has a great deal on it, pick up a copy! Smile

So, back to my point. I was sitting in MTM, looking at a fairly daunting list of PBI based test suites, thinking “now which PBI’s were the ones where I had test cases to run again?”  I started thinking about writing a query, but that only helps is YOU are assigned to the test case, it doesn’t really help with test RUN assignment. Then it all came flooding back.  Wait, there’s this FILTER button to sort that out.  And conveniently it’s right there in front of my face ::face palm::  I felt a little better when no one else admitted to noticing it was there either. Maybe they were just being nice to me.  Either way, in case you didn’t notice it, check it out. Before:


After, I have MUCH fewer test suites that I have to look at:


That’s my Microsoft Test Manager tip o’ the day!  I won’t be posting them every day like Zain has been doing on his blog around Visual Studio 2010 for the past couple of years, of course I also don’t mainline 5 hour energy like he does Smile  I will do them whenever I can.  Hope this was helpful! Feel free to post any tips of your own or shoot me a note if you have other questions or comments.

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